Melanotan and questions
-What is Melanotan?
-How much Melanotan should I take?
-What are the side effects of Melanotan?
-How should I store Melanotan?

See below for the answers to the above questions

What is Melanotan?
Melanotan is a chemical similar to a melanocyte (skin pigment), a cell in your body which produces the color of your skin. Melanotan and Melanotan II are chemicals that can increase cell pigmentation. Countries such as the UK and the US to name a few, have banned Melanotan and Melanotan II for personal use. This drug can be used for tanning, preventing skin cancer, or producing erections in men who have erectile dysfunction (ED).

How much Melanotan should I take?
In most studies favorable results have been shown with dosages around 0.25mg per day for both self injection and administering to a patient. Tanning is not required in order for this peptide to work, but tanning can increase the effects of this peptide. This also works well with men who have dysfunctions in becoming aroused for sexual activities. But it should be administered by a doctor or a professional if you are afraid of self injecting with a needle.

What are the side effects of Melanotan?
Some benefits of Melanotan are to prevent skin cancer, increase pigmentation in the skin to create tanning, and help men with erectile dysfunction. Some side effects while using Melanotan for medical purposes include nausea, stomach cramps, decreased appetite, flushing, tiredness, yawning, darkened skin, spontaneous erections of the penis, and other side effects. But pregnant women and women who are breastfeeding should avoid using Melanotan.

How long should I store Melanotan?
Melanotan must be administered via syringe so storing the liquid in a cool place like a fridge will not affect the properties in producing or increasing production of melanocytes. But prior to injection it should be brought back to room temperature before giving a shot of Melanotan to a patient.

For those self-injecting it should be kept in the fridge until needed and can be administered anywhere on the body. Melanotan comes as a powder so you have to keep it in a cool place until you plan to use it. For preparing the injection, 0.25mg of Melanotan should be soluted with 0.1ml of bacterial prevention water.